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Write a message in the air with the magic of POV (Persistence Of Vision) !
Move the iPhone in front of your friends or your camera and your message magically appears into the air !
For best results use a camera with a long shutter speed.
You can have a message with unlimited number of characters and in any color.
Be creative and make original photos for any occasions : birthdays, Christmas or simply to say hello to a friend or family,...

Check out the examples in the screenshots section for a tiny sample of what you can do !

* Supports English (latin), Japanese, Chinese and Korean characters
* Selectable colors
* Unlimited message length
* Round or square LED lights
* Photo or eye (direct) mode
* Option to have a beep after each end of your message
* Option to repeat message or not
* Settable speed
* Delay before start : 0 to 15 seconds
* Works with iPhone and iPod Touch


We recommend practicing in front of a mirror or a camera first by slowly moving the iPhone until you find the right movement to use. Best results are obtained in a darker setting or at night.
The longer the message you input is, conversely the longer the shutter speed should be (in theory, unless you want to be creative !), also adjust the aperture accordingly.
For easily getting the best results we recommend a shutter speed of at least 2 seconds. Use a tripod for holding your camera is recommended.

We can be reached at the following address : support (at @) jchicken.com