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MyPedometer is an innovative ways to track your walking and jogging activities in a clear, easy to use and elegant package.

Represented as a realistic virtual pedometer device, it is operated and responds like a actual one. Easy to use, it is controllable using its 3 virtual buttons; it can't be easier than that!

MyPedometer relies on the movement of your body to compute your current pace, it will run even if your iPhone/iPod doesn't have a GPS !

Once you start walking/jogging, MyPedometer will record the number of steps you performed, your instant and average speed as well as the number of calories you burnt. These numbers are recorded on the iPhone and are restored between sessions.

Ideal for people on diet : want to burn that cake you just ate ? Put MyPedometer in your pocket and walk until your calories goal is reached.

The very first time you use MyPedometer, you will input is your weight, after that no other parameter will be required and the device will automatically estimate your speed, calories burnt, and steps from the amplitude of your walk/jog.

You can review your daily as well as monthly exercise in the daily and monthly history screens : your distance, average speed, time spent walking or running as well as calories burnt will be reported for any day you used MyPedometer. Great for checking if you attained your goals.

A lock feature will prevent you from accidentally pushing buttons while your iPhone/iPod is in your pocket. Simply keep the middle button pressed until you see the lock icon in the bottom of the screen. Conversely, keep the middle button pressed again to unlock.

MyPedometer also features a 100th-second chronometer with a lap chronometer (instant, average and best lap times) plus a lap counter.


  • Innovative neat LED realistic interface
  • Easy to use : only 3 on-screen buttons used
  • Start exercising instantly : press Start and go !
  • No GPS required (runs fine on iPod Touch)
  • Music system of the iPhone/iPod usable while using MyPedometer
  • Steps, instant and average speed and calories computed automatically from your movements
  • Chronometer, instant, average and best lap time plus lap counter
  • Distance, average speed, time and calories burnt reports for every day
  • Number of days, average speed and calories burnt reports for every month
  • Unlimited daily and monthly exercise reports history
  • Operates in metric (km, km/h and kg) or imperial (miles, mph and lbs) mode (switchable at any time)
  • Lock mode : exercise safely without risking of touching the screen accidentally
  • Automatic save : data is restored automatically between sessions
  • Pause mode : press start button a second time while exercising to temporarily stop recording your moves
  • More features coming soon !

Think of updating your weight in the setup screen when it changes so that the calories reported are always accurate !

It is advised to keep the iPod/iPhone as close as your body as possible, the best position being in your pocket and near your hips

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