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Revertrix is a simple yet challenging puzzle game where the rules are simple : clear out all pieces from the board.

By touching a piece, the state of the piece as well as the adjacent ones will be reversed, flipping between "on" (red) and "off".

When no more piece is on board, the level is complete.

Even though the game rules are apparently simple it can get tricky as the level increases !


  • 100+ different puzzles (more to come !)
  • Random puzzles generator (virtually unlimited number of puzzles)
  • Simple game rules and intuitive control system
  • Best number of moves and time recorded for each puzzle
  • Cheat button : shows a possible solution to the puzzle
  • Automatic saving of game
  • Possibility to retry the same level from the start
  • Unobtrusive game sounds (can be turned off)

Enjoy hours of fun, for all ages !




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